Maricopa Community Colleges - 2017 Fall Enrollment Campaign
"Go Back to Get Ahead"

Maricopa Community College's "Go Back to Get Ahead" 2017 Fall Enrollment Advertising Campaign involved print, digital, video and out-of-home advertising. The campaign marketed to students who had been previously enrolled in classes at one of the 10 Maricopa Community Colleges and urged them to re-enroll and complete their degree or certificate program.

The "Go Back to Get Ahead" tagline and copywriting supported data that shows individuals who graduate with a certificate or degree from a community college make on average 25% income in their lifetime as well as create more job opportunities for themselves than someone with no degree. Based on the media channels chosen, the copywriting was kept high-level and easy to view and grasp quickly. It focused on convenience (10 colleges and flexible start dates), cost (affordable tuition), and finally that Maricopa's degree transfer programs allow you to easily transfer to a University (easy university transfer).

The campaign artwork involved real students and locations from the various MCC campuses, and focused on creating heroic images that celebrated the idea of going back to college, the opportunities that the journey would create, and ultimately the feeling of 'awe' in the accomplishment. The images introduced a new visual tone for Maricopa Community College District brand and all 10 of their Community Colleges. Vivid colors and saturation bring increased energy, and the use of lens flares and light leaks add to the inspirational feeling the images have.


2018 American Advertising Awards (SW District) - Silver
Advertising Campaign - Art Direction

2018 American Advertising Awards (Phoenix) - Silver
Advertising Campaign - Art Direction

2017 MarCom Awards - Platinum
Integrated Advertising Campaign

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